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21st August 2014

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I work in a bible shipping warehouse

I pull, pack, and ship bibles for nine hours a day

The warehouse is dusty and old, with little air circulation. There’s a huge cockroach problem— I see at least fifty every day. There’s no air conditioning (in the middle of summer). We were finally provided with fans but only some of them work. We had two water fountains that both broke at the same time. When we confronted the management about not having filtered water (in northern Tulsa near the refinery), they told us to drink from the tap in the bathroom.

All of the management team get to sit at desks in their air-conditioned offices, drinking their free, cooled bottles of water.

What’s worse is that this is an incredibly physically demanding job. I get paid $9.00 an hour to get sweaty and filthy and exhausted. I drive fifty miles to and from work every Monday through Friday. At the end of the day, I hardly make enough to feed myself and I’m so mad about this job.

In a little over a week, I’ll be starting my new job and at this point, even going back to Panera would be better than this.

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